Daily Report

Running distance: 7.20km

Work done: Fix the script, uploaded on GitHub. Fixed License issues for real :-). Reading about TensorFlow on Hadoop, and of course, Spark on Hadoop.

To do: Setting up Eclipse + Maven.


Daily Report

Running distance: 0km (off day)

Work done: Reinstalled CENTOS due to weird WiFi card issues (unable to detect my Access Point) — reinstalled and it’s now detected. Had the chance to use the Hadoop automation script! Works 100%!!! Pending upload to GitHub!

To do: Restart with Maven challenges. And Eclipse installation.

Side note: I need to figure out what went wrong with the network card on the old installation…

Daily Report

Running distance: 0km

Work done: Did a system wide reinstallation of Hadoop. Uploaded files and settings on GitHub. Discovered that ASCII file can’t be parsed into mahout directly to be used with K-Means clustering, require a .seq file (binary). Having problems with this… Yet to solve the final issue.

To do: Figure out mahout requirement, create installation script and upload it on GitHub.